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Appartement Hotel SeespitzAppartement Hotel Seespitz

Hoi, why Allgoi?

What we
would like:

  • Give you some food for thought
  • Show you the opportunities offered by acting independently, without interference from the state.
  • Offer you a forum for high-quality regionally-produced products
  • further increasing the value of the Allgoi brand, by recruiting you as a shareholder of the Allgoi brand

A declaration in favour of innovation

The Allgoi brand is a non-material and monetary value that grows thanks to your support. It stands for private entrepreneurial economic activities and for less state interference and red tape.

Because history has shown: All initiatives and all innovations that foster prosperity within our society have their origin in civic engagement and entrepreneurial creativity.

The Allgoi Idea

„Made in the Allgoi“ stands for regional high-quality products.

Start right now and realise your Allgoi idea.
  • The Allgoi brand stands for all people who love the Allgoi and would like to foster our quality of life with creativity and high-quality products.
  • At www.allgoi.com, only products “Made in the Allgoi” (i.e. from the Allgoi and adjacent regions, up to the Fernpass in Tyrol and St. Gall in the North-East of Switzerland) are offered.
  • Allgoi stands for a spirit of optimism and is a plea for more entrepreneurial, independent business and less dictation by governmental red tape and functionaries. Today, the government promotes sluggish and unproductive companies that know the right people, yet this is done at the cost of fast climbers and newcomers. By purchasing the Allgoi share and the usage rights for the Allgoi brand, you consciously take a stand.
Allgoi instead of Allgäu – an innovative approach
Many guests who visit our Allgoi region from abroad, do not know what to do with the German umlaut. 56% of the guests visiting our “Seespitz” apartment hotel in Füssen-Weissensee come from abroad, and the numbers are increasing.

A number of large German global players already forego the use of the umlauts in their company name and international correspondence (e.g. Durr instead of Dürr). Names without umlauts are more easily found in international database search functions and are more easily pronounced by foreigners on the telephone. Therefore, rather Allgoi: no umlaut – no problem!

Join us!
  • Our region and our guests need attractive, regional products. Release your creativety and create your own Allgoi product.
  • Realise the potential of an attractive label. With the Allgoi brand you shift the marketing of your ideas into turbo mode.

Get involved!

Become an Allgoi licensee and Allgoi shareholder by purchasing the Allgoi-share

It is as easy as pie to become an Allgoi shareholder
  • You have a product or product idea, and would you like to market this typical Allgoi product successfully?
  • Are you thrilled by our idea of a private brand for the Allgoi, and would you like to support us?
  • As an Allgoi licensee, you may distribute your Allgoi-typical (regional and high-quality) products under the Allgoi label.
  • By purchasing a licence for using the Allgoi brand (licence fee: € 100.-), you will also receive an Allgoi share of Allgoi AG. Then you may participate in the Allgoi general meetings and have the right of co-determination.
  • You can find more information in the Allgoi manual, which you will receive with the licence agreement.
  • You can request your Allgoilicence very simply, via e-mail (hw@allgoi.com).
The Allgoi AG – a stock corporation with a fun factor
Our general meetings are a special event. Here the Allgoi partners have the opportunity of presenting their products and exchanging their experiences in person.

Yet, regardless of this emotional idea, the fun factor is also not be neglected ( with “Allgoi Kässpatzen” [homemade cheese pasta], Swiss “Örgelimusik” music and Allgoi alpenhorns). Look forward to a few surprises!

The Allgoi AG
  • Allgoi AG is a stock corporation subject to Swiss law, with its headquarters in St. Gall/Switzerland.
  • The purpose of Allgoi AG is to develop and distribute the Allgoi brand as a licence system.
  • Allgoi AG discovers, develops and fosters high-quality and innovative new products with a special connection to Allgoi.
  • The basis for this is the Allgoibrand word/picture mark that has been registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office, as well as the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.
  • Every Allgoi shareholder is entitled to recruit new Allgoi shareholders. Those who succeed in recruiting 10 new Allgoi shareholders will receive a free share and a crate of Allgoi-Zweigelt.
  • The growth of the brand is generated from within itself by its popularity.

Allgoi Shop

The Presentation and Sales Platform for your Products!

In good company at the Allgoi-Shop
  • You can market your Allgoi products very simply via our Allgoi shop.
  • A large and appealing offer of high-quality regional products provides the right context for your offer.
  • Please contact us via e-mail (hw@allgoi.com) if you would like to sell our products via our Allgoi shop.
Find attractive offers at the Allgoi shop
You will find the Allgoi shop at (www.allgoi-shop.de)

Don´t hesitate, visit us right now!

Allgoi Shop –

the marketplace for your high-quality goods

Allgoi Sponsoring

Welcome to the Club!

Participate as an Allgoi sponsor!
  • Are you thrilled by our idea of the private Allgoi brand, and would you like to support this, in addition to participating in increasing the value of the Allgoi share?
  • Also without own products you can promote our ideas and become a shareholder. For an advertising fee we present you as an Allgoi sponsor with your company on this website.
  • Enthusiasm is contagios – maybe you will also present your own Allgoi product on this website in the near future.
Here you will find our Allgoi-sponsors!
Caution: Contagious enthusiasm
Our general meetings are a special event for Allgoi sponsors. Here you will meet many Allgoi partners presenting their products in a very relaxed atmosphere.

You have the opportunity of exchanging your experiences with other entrepreneurs in person. Come and join us, look out for inspiration, fresh ideas and new contacts.

Support us, co-determinate and benefit from the growth of the Allgoi brand.

We are looking forward to you!